Mentoring Programme

The DDSA Mentoring Programme

Are you an experienced data scientist who would like to share your experiences with a young data scientist as a mentee? The Danish Data Science Academy is excited to announce the launch of a Pilot Mentoring Programme in the autum of 2022.


Bridging experience and talent within data science

The purpose of the Mentoring Programme is to facilitate personal and professional growth with a focus on professionals and researchers within data science in Denmark.

It is the first Mentoring Programme organised by the DDSA and is considered a pilot programme with the aim to learn as much as possible about running a mentoring programme. This means that a spot as a mentee will be  offered exclusively for participants of the Pre-Graduate Retreat to keep the size small and manageable. Read more and register for the Pre-Graduate Retreat here. We will request feedback from mentees and mentors throughout the pilot programme and welcome suggestions for improvement.

The pilot programme will run with a limited amount of participants for approximately five months from October 2022 to February 2023.

The next cohort will be admitted from March 2023 and run for one semester until July 2023. From here, the mentoring programmes will take on a year-long format to ensure more interaction between mentors and mentees.

How much time is required?

DDSA encourages the Mentoring Programme participants to invest enough time and energy to ensure a great experience for both parties. It is required to attend the Kick Off and Closing event (2 x 30 minutes virtual) and at least one monthly check in of one hour for the duration of the programme (approx. 1h x 5 checkins + preperation).

Furthermore, if the mentor takes on more mentees, it is expected to conduct each check-in on a 1:1 basis, adding to the time requried for a successful mentoring programme.

Kick Off and Matchmaking

The Kick Off of the pilot programme will take place virtually on Monday October 24th from 15:00 – 15:30 (OBS used to be October 17th from 9:30 – 10.00). Here the mentees and mentors will have a brief chance to meet and introduce themselves. In the event that it is not a good match, there will be a chance to change partner.


Registrations for the Pilot programme are now closed for mentors. If you have experience with data science and are interested in participating in the next Mentoring Programme as a mentor, please stay tuned.

If you are interested in participating as a mentee for Cohort 1 primo 2023, please register here.

Before registering, please read our Code of Conduct and the Mentoring Programme Charter.

Further Information

Do you have any questions, please contact programme responsible Marius Cortsen at