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Mentee Registration Form Autumn 2023 Edition

Are you an aspiring data scientist seeking guidance from industry experts and leading academics? Sign up for the third edition of the DDSA Mentoring Programme by registering as a mentee below.

We use this form to collect data for effective mentor-mentee pairing. Your data will be shared with DDSA and prospective mentors.

To delete or edit your data, contact Marius Cortsen at
For statistical and matchmaking purposes only
For statistical and matchmaking purposes only
If you are not based in Denmark during the mentoring programme, you can write 'abroad'.
How would you like to communicate with your mentor?
If you select 'Mainly in person' or 'No preference, either online or in person is fine', we will aim for a mentor who lives/works close to you such that in-person meetings are easier.
Highest degree completed
Are you currently enrolled?
Select 'No' if you have already completed your studies.
Are you currently employed?
Select 'Yes' if you currently have a part- or full-time job
Field of study
Interests and skills you would like to develop
Select your interests and skills you would like to develop during the mentoring programme such that we can match you with a great mentor (please take some time to select all that apply).
Which programming languages or software are you interested in?
Select the programming languages and software you are interested in.
Please write a short paragraph (we encourage you to write at least five sentences) about yourself and your professional/academic interests.
Please describe your motivation (we encourage you to write at least five sentences) for joining the mentoring programme as a mentee (e.g. learn new programming skills, personal development, expand your network, PhD/carreer advice, etc.).
Please describe your expectations (we encourage you to write at least five sentences) towards the mentoring programme and towards the mentor (e.g., share experiences and ideas, be flexible and supportive, etc.).
How likely are you to pursue or continue your career in a direction within data science?
Not at all Likely Extremely Likely
Where did you hear from the mentoring programme?