International Advisory Panel (IAP)

The International Advisory Panel (IAP) consists of 6 members that provide expert feedback, and recommendations to the DDSA BoD on activities and the overall strategy. The IAP is responsible for keeping DDSA up to date on new trends and methods outside of Denmark by ensuring awareness and alignment with the international data science community. The below listed committee members have been appointed for 2.5 years per February 1st 2022.

Name Organisation Position
Claudia Plant Universität Wien, Austria Professor at Faculty of Computer Science
Emilio Carrizosa University of Seville, Spain Professor at Faculty of Mathematics
Gianmaria Silvello University of Padua, Italy Associate Professor
Nathan Baker University of Washington; and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA Distinguished Faculty Fellow at Department of Applied Mathematics; Laboratory Fellow
Nicolaj Søndergaard Mühlbach Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA Postdoc
Ivan Olier-Caparroso Liverpool John Moores University, UK Senior Lecturer at School of Computer Science and Mathematics