International Advisory Panel (IAP)


  • The International Advisory Panel provides independent, expert feedback, and recommendations to the DDSA BoD and ensures awareness and alignment/involvement with international initiatives (e.g. European Innovative Training Networks) within data science
  • Review the annual report
  • Provide feedback and recommendations on activities and the overall strategy and specifically, recommend invited speakers for the annual event, summer schools etc., to assist the DDSA being up-to-date on new trends and methods

Composition and appointment

  • The IAP will comprise up to six leading researchers outside of Denmark with a broad overview and experience of pan-national data science research and training networks. All members will be appointed after the launch of the DDSA by the BoD
  • All members are initially appointed for a period of 2.5 years. After 2.5 years, new members are appointed for 3 years by the BoD by a nomination process in which members can be re-elected for another term. No more than 50% of the committee can be re-appointed and members can only serve for two consecutive terms
  • If a member resigns before the end of their term, a new member will be appointed by the BoD
  • IAP members receive no remuneration, but members’ travel expenses are reimbursed


  • The IAP will meet once a year with the DDSA BoD