National Advisory Panel (NAP)


  • The National Advisory Panel provides strategic recommendations to the BoD on how to promote and strengthen collaboration between the DDSA and Danish Industry and public institutions
  • The NAP will nominate a member of the Board of Director
  • Ensure awareness and alignment/involvement with national activities and priorities
  • Review the annual report
  • Provide feedback and recommendations on activities and the overall strategy

Composition and appointment

  • The NAP will comprise up to twelve representatives of Danish companies (start-ups, SMEs and large corporations), non-governmental organisations, or public institutions. Competences will include data science management within the life sciences, business and public service, as well ethics.
  • Members will be appointed by the BoD. Some of the members are appointed already, and the remainder will be appointed after the launch of the DDSA.
  • All members are initially appointed for a period of 2.5 years. After 2.5 years, new members are appointed for 3 years by the BoD by a nomination process in which members can be re-elected for another term. No more than 50% of the committee can be re-appointed and members can only serve for two consecutive terms.
  • If a member resigns before the end of their term, a new member will be appointed by the BoD.
  • NAP members receive no remuneration, but members’ travel expenses are reimbursed.


  • The NAP will meet once a year with the DDSA BoD

NAP members

Four of the panel members have already accepted to serve for the first term. The remaining members will be appointed after the launch of the DDSA via a community nomination process.


Title and affiliation

Allan Christian Shaw Corporate Vice President of Computational Research at Novo Nordisk
Jens Erik Nielsen Vice President of Enzyme Research at Novozymes
Søren Kamaric Riis Chief Research Officer at Oticon Medical & chair of the health technology group in the Academy of the Technical Sciences (ATV)
Laust Hvas Mortensen Danmarks Statistik and Professor at Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen