Young Academy Panel (YAP) – Open for nominations

Do you want to join a team of super committed peers and be part in shaping the future of the Danish data science community? Whether you are a budding data scientist in the beginning of your career or a master’s student with a passion for data science, grab the opportunity to connect, learn, and be inspired by like-minded peers and make real impact!
Nominate for the DDSA Young Academy Panel today!


What is the DDSA Young Academy Panel?

The DDSA Young Academy Panel (YAP) consists of 15 members who are all young data scientists in the beginning of their career. YAP collaborates with the DDSA secretariat in organising recurrent DDSA events, like the annual Pre-graduate Retreat, the Mentoring Programme, and other events. YAP also provides feedback on new initiatives, events, and activities to the DDSA Education and Networking Committee, and on the DDSA’s strategy and activities to the DDSA Board of Directors.

How do I get nominated?

If you meet the above criteria, we warmly welcome you to nominate yourself. If you nominate yourself, you are welcome to attach a ‘letter of support’ from one or more recommenders, but this is not a requirement. You can also let others nominate you.

The nomination process

September 1, 2023 – Deadline for nominations

September 2023 – The DDSA Education and Networking Committee will process the nominations and appoint the members of the YAP for the next term

October 2023 – Nominees will be informed whether they will be offered a seat in YAP

January 1, 2024 – the new DDSA Young Academy Panel comes into force and runs until ultimo 2026

Evaluation criteria

DDSA emphasises the applicants’ ability to contribute to YAP’s responsibilities. Therefore, commitment and relevant experience is essential. DDSA also emphasises diversity in YAP within data science field, regional representation, sector, and gender, which will be included in the assessment and nomination of new members.

Current YAP-members are allowed to continue in the next period, however no more than 50 pct. of the  committee can be reappointed, and members can only serve for two consecutive terms.

Connect. Learn. Be Inspired.