Bence Bejczy

Position: Data Scientist at Novo Nordisk
Categories: Computer Science, Engineering and Technical Science
Location: Region Hovedstaden


I have my bachelor’s degree in Robotics, from which I transitioned to Data Science during my masters, focusing on specifically computer vision and MLOps. I had to luck to work throughout my studies and rotate through three different R&D departments before landing my full-time position at Novo Nordisk, which allowed me to be exposed to a high variety of projects ranging from academic to technical. Some of the most recent ones were predictive maintenance, fine-grain image analysis, multi-task learning for mobile robotics and productionizing ML solutions within the highly restricted pharmaceutical industry.


During my studies and worklife, I have been enjoying great guidance and insights from professors and industry mentors, which shaped my career direction significantly and let me meet a lot of great people. I think it is very relevant to create these relationship for growing one’s network, getting exposed to new topics or perspectives and to be able to pose questions to someone outside one’s peer group. I am still relatively early in my career with only 4 years of industry experience, which means that the experience of transitioning from studies to worklife is still fresh in my memory and I would be happy to pay forward all the guidance I got along the way!

Skills, expertise, and interests

  • data science
  • machine learning
  • deep learning
  • artificial intelligence
  • MLOps
  • computer vision
  • cloud computing
  • academic writing skills
  • code review
  • version control