class DanishDataScience(nn.Academy):

def __init__(self): self.status = "Growing"

Danish Data Science Academy aims to create a unique data science environment in Denmark which can compete internationally and attract talent. We want to unite business, organisations, public authorities, and research, creating a Danish data science ecosytem that enables excellent data science-driven research, training, and knowledge sharing.

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Danish Digitalization, Data Science, and AI 2.0

On October 22-23, 2024, we are bringing together professionals within digitalization, data science, and AI,  from a wide range of fields to share the latest research and insights, gain new knowledge, exchange ideas, and make valuable connections across geography, scientific domains, and sub-fields. Come join us! Right now you have the opportunity to co-create parallel sessions for the conference.

Danish Digitalization, Data Science, and AI is a new national conference hosted by Pioneer Centre for AI, Digital Research Center Denmark, and Danish Data Science Academy.


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Mentoring Programme 2024/25 

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Are you and experienced data scientist who would like to share your experiences with an aspiring data scientist? Or are you a young data scientist looking for a mentor? Danish Data Science Academy is excited to announce the launch of the 2024/25 DDSA Mentoring Programme – the registration is open!


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Annual Report 2023

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Take a tour of all our data science related activities in the brand new DDSA Annual Report 2023.

As we look back, 2023 has been characterised as a year in which we have been able to lean on our experiences from the startup mode of 2022. The first full year of Danish Data Science Academy lay a solid foundation for our journey, which paved the way for many parallel activities in full action in 2023, and we continuously expand with new initiatives.

Dive into all our activities in the full Annual Report – maybe you will discover something for you which also will happen this year!

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