Lars Jochumsen

Position: Senior Data Scientist
Categories: Computer Science
Location: Region Midtjylland


I have a background in time series analysis as well as computer vision and in general data science. I have work in defense where data is a sparse resource and in cloud where data was coming in form of 24 hours video surveillance. I have supervised multiple master thesis in the company I have worked in and I am experienced in a team lead role. I am used to help my team both as a more academic both also as MLops and software development with in data science. I have also developed and end to end machine learning platform which is a hybrid between cloud and local setup


I join this program as I love to help other and that is part of why I took a PhD. I thrive by having the team lead role where I help others especially as a mentor role. I am focused on details in work but have also been in multiple companies so I can also give career advice and where to focus depending of what a person wants to achieve

Skills, expertise, and interests

  • data science
  • machine learning
  • deep learning
  • artificial intelligence
  • data analytics
  • statistical and data modelling
  • MLOps
  • data visualisation
  • problem solving
  • time series analysis
  • computer vision
  • image analysis
  • teamwork
  • image processing
  • data mining