Do you have the perfect idea for an inspiring data science event that will contribute to growing a strong data science community in Denmark? Or do you have the great idea for a data science course which other data scientists need to upgrade their skills, but need funding? Then apply for the DDSA Large Course & Event Grant!

Danish Data Science Academy has now opened for applications for funding of large events and courses that will contribute to Growing Danish Data Science. The event or course may have a total budget above DKK 100,000, of which DDSA can fund up to DKK 100,000. Submission deadline is February 15, 2023.

Which activities can we fund?

We welcome applications for two kinds of activities:

  • Events and networking activities including, but not limited to, workshops, training/mentoring events, networking initiatives, competitions, and hackathons
  • Courses including, but not limited to, university courses on PhD- and postdoc level, as well as vocational courses for public-, hospital-, and private sector employees

The mission of Danish Data Science Academy is to support a national collaborative network of data science experts across universities, public institutions, and industries, and to inspire and train the next generation of data scientists through educational, interdisciplinary, and collaborative activities.

Do you have an idea for a smaller event or course?

If your idea for an event or course has a budget below DKK 100,000, then you have the possibility of applying for the DDSA Small Event & Course Grant. The application for this grant is open all year, and it is possible to get funding for up to DKK 50,000.

Interested? Learn more about our Funding Scope and Evaluation Criteria.