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Data-Driven Robot Control

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Introduction to Machine Learning for Health Research

International School of Chemometrics 2024 – PROGRAMMING – Introduction to Programming (MATLAB, R and Python) for Multivariate Data Analyses

Introduction to omics for clinical researchers Part 2

7 events,

Principles of Data Visualisation and storytelling (2024)

Basic Introduction to “R” (14-15/5 2024)

Statistical analysis of repeated measurements and clustered data

4 events,

International School of Chemometrics 2024 – BASIC – Basic Introduction to Chemometrics, Data Types, Data Pre-Processing, PCA, Multivariate Linear Regression and Linear Algebra for Multivariate Data Analysis

Fundamentals in Computational Analysis of Large-Scale Datasets

6 events,

Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, and Validation – for Battery State-of-Health Estimation (2024)

Electrocardiography: Basic Physiology, Epidemiology, and Bedside

8 events,

An Introduction to Genomics in Health Science (22-24/5 2024)

Git and GitHub

Git and GitHub

7 events,

From Excel to R

10 events,

PhD Course: Biophysical Express, Affect & Movement (BEAM)

Cancer Epidemiology using the Danish Clinical Cancer Databases

Biophysical Expression, Affect & Movement (BEAM) (2024)

Introduction to research data management for PhD students

International School of Chemometrics 2024 – INTERMEDIATE – Intermediate Topics on Chemometrics. DoE, Variable Selection Methods, Multivariate Curve Resolution


Film Screening – NIRANTHEA

8 events,

Confronting Data through Design Methods – Speculating with Generative AI (GAI)

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Computational Phage Genomics

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Welcome to Big Data Integration