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15th International EuroVis Workshop on Visual Analytics

The University of Southern Denmark, Odense Campusvej 55, Odense, Denmark

The goal of the workshop is to promote and advance the combination and integration of visualization and analytics methods for the purpose of problem solving in a variety of application domains including engineering, business, public policy, medicine, security, etc.

Workshop on Models and Algorithms for Planning and Scheduling Problems (MAPSP) 2024

Hotel Koldingfjord Fjordvej 154, Kolding, Denmark

MAPSP is a biennial workshop dedicated to building a community of researchers interested in theoretical and practical aspects of scheduling, planning, and timetabling. The 16th Workshop on Models and Algorithms for Planning and Scheduling Problems (MAPSP 2024) will be organized at Hotel Koldingfjord, Kolding, Denmark. The impressive 1911 building of Hotel Koldingfjord is located right […]

In the Picture: Medical Imaging Datasets

Hotel Nyborg Strand Østerøvej 2, Nyborg, Denmark

Machine learning has shown promising results in medical image diagnosis, at times with claims of expert-level performance. However, algorithms with high reported performances do not always generalize to real-life settings, leading to incorrect and/or biased diagnoses. Two key datasets-related issues contribute to this challenge: (i) the presence of shortcuts, i.e. spurious correlations between artifacts in […]

Peer Review: Understanding and Harnessing an Imperfect yet Vital Element in Academia

Does peer review feel like a black box? Are you frustrated with that pesky ‘reviewer 2’? Do you want to become the best reviewer you can be? Join us to uncover the strengths, flaws, and multi-faceted role that peer review plays in academia and at the academia-policy-media nexus. Gain deep insights into editorial and review […]