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Peer Review: Understanding and Harnessing an Imperfect yet Vital Element in Academia

October 10 @ 10:15 am - 4:00 pm

Does peer review feel like a black box? Are you frustrated with that pesky ‘reviewer 2’? Do you want to become the best reviewer you can be?

Join us to uncover the strengths, flaws, and multi-faceted role that peer review plays in academia and at the academia-policy-media nexus. Gain deep insights into editorial and review processes and learn how to navigate them ethically and professionally, as an author as well as a reviewer.

Through thought-provoking lectures, discussions, and exercises, in this interactive workshop you will learn about:

  • The role of peer review in the academia-policy-media ecosystem.
  • How peer review has evolved to its present form over centuries.
  • The major strengths and flaws of peer review.
  • The empirical evidence for different types of biases and what is being, and could be, done to mitigate them.
  • Recent innovations in peer review (at journals), and how AI is shaping processes.
  • Who the editors and reviewers are, and what their role is, at different journals.
  • The arguments and counter-arguments for why editors (particularly those at high-profile journals) have an important ‘gate-keeping’ function.
  • Navigating the editorial process at journals most effectively, as an author.
  • Dealing with rejection.
  • Types of editorial decisions you could encounter and what you could or should do in response.
  • Writing effective cover letters, rebuttals, and appeals.
  • Knowing when it is appropriate to accept a request to review a paper.
  • Understanding key ethical issues related to acting as a peer reviewer.
  • Conducting an efficient and constructive review.
  • Writing an informative, constructive, and professional review report.
  • Handling disagreements with the editor, authors, and other reviewers, professionally.
  • Perspectives and future outlook for peer review.

For more information about the content of the sessions, please see the course programme on the event website.

Registration deadline: 18.08.2024 – 23:59

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