Anastassia Vybornova

Position: PhD fellow at ITU, Young Academy Panel member at DDSA
Categories: Computer Science, Engineering and Technical Science, Humanities, Natural Science, Social Science
Location: Region Hovedstaden


Currently in the midst of my PhD programme at ITU, at the NERDS group (NEtworks, Data, and Society); working on several interdisciplinary projects in the field of geospatial data science, with a focus on sustainable transportation (mostly data-driven planning of urban bicycle networks). I’ve studied Transcultural Communication, Technical Physics, Environmental Science, and Complexity Science. Before focusing on my academic career, I’ve also worked in many different places (administration, consulting, tourism, education…). I am/was also quite active in several NGOs and grassroots organisations, leaning very much to the left. My current technical focus is all things geospatial data science, in the Python universe.


I find it important to offer to others what I would have wished for my younger self: advice, support, cheering on & encouragement, or just a shoulder to (figuratively) cry on about how complicated things can get out there. I’ve participated in several mentoring programmes (both as mentee and as mentor) and I’m passionate about how powerful the outcomes can be, for both sides. I’ve learned to understand and present my rather unconventional (one might say too patchy?) curriculum as a big strength, and would like to share encouragement (and self-marketing hacks) with others who are in similar situations of still looking for the right way forward. Last but not least – I think that I can learn a lot from my mentee(s) and about their life & education situations.

Skills, expertise, and interests

  • Data science
  • Computational science
  • Complex systems and chaos
  • Network science
  • Environmental sciences & sustainability
  • Social (data) science
  • Career planning or change
  • Work-life balance
  • PhD advice
  • Complexity science
  • Geospatial data science
  • Sustainable transportation
  • Urban planning
  • Mental health and well-being
  • Time management
  • Transcultural communication
  • Academic writing skills