Maria Andrakakou

Position: Solutions architect at Ørsted
Categories: Computer Science, Geoinformatics
Location: Region Hovedstaden


After studying at geoinformatics at AAU of Copenhagen, I have been a GIS/IT consultant at Atkins where I learned scripting for satellite image processing, web development and software development in python, C#, Java and angular. Later, I joined Metroselskabet as a backend developer where I got involved with BIM and explored scripting and low-code development for data management. Soon I’m joining Ørsted as a solutions architect in the IT department.


I’m keen on sharing knowledge and supporting individuals who want to have a career within IT. It can be very chaotic to try and find where to start from. Luckily I’ve had myself good mentoring that helped me find what I want to learn. Therefore I am open to helping others with what I’ve learned in this journey so far.

Skills, expertise, and interests

  • data visualisation
  • problem solving
  • data management
  • software engineering
  • project management
  • strategy
  • digitalisation
  • geospatial data science
  • code review
  • software project management
  • version control
  • big data