Ulrik Pedersen

Position: Data Scientist at NTT Data

I used to be a scientist specializing in experimental research on protein folding, with a physics background and a master’s degree in biophysics. I spent five years at Novo Nordisk researching proteins before realizing that my true passion lay in data science. Approximately 18 months ago, I made the switch to data science because I found the data analysis and handling aspects of my work to be more intriguing than the wet lab work involved in biology research. These days, I am a data scientist at NTT Data, where I focus mainly on machine learning and forecasting tasks, as well as promoting the adoption of AI in the industry. Additionally, I write about my work and interests and strive to educate others within and beyond the field.


I have always had a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge. I find that by breaking down complex topics and explaining them to others, I gain a better understanding of the material myself. Whether I’m teaching advanced concepts to management or simplifying ideas for younger students, I appreciate the opportunity to engage with my field in a deeper way.

Teaching also allows me to meet people with diverse backgrounds and job profiles. I enjoy learning about their perspectives and how they approach problems. These interactions have broadened my horizons and enriched my understanding of the subjects I teach.