We have been looking so much forward to sharing this news with you. Here are the first 10 DDSA-supported education and networking activities that will all contribute to strengthening Danish data science.

Together, they also reflect the vast diversity and innovative spirit of Danish data science: Spanning a variety of formats such as conference, hackathon, and summer/winter school. Representing very different fields of research and application such as scientific machine learning, recommender systems, and entrepreneurship . And involving academia as well as the private and public sector.

💡Women in Data Science Copenhagen 2022 Muniba T. (Copenhagen School of Design and Technology) in cooperation with KEA and IDA

💡DDSC Founding General Meeting Cecilie Amalie Andersen (Danish Data Science Community (DDSC) / Trackunit) in cooperation with Ekstra Bladet and Politikens Hus

💡Scientific Machine Learning Allan P. Engsig-Karup (DTU), Kim Knudsen (DTU)

💡Dansk Selskab for Kemometri Hackathon Andreas Baum (DTU), Åsmund Rinnan (KU)

💡Young Researcher Entrepreneurship Academy Mark Riis (DTU) in cooperation with DIREC, AI Pioneer Centre, AU and CBS

💡Summer School on Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning Bernardo David (ITU), Carsten Baum (AU)

💡Winter School on Recommender Systems Maria Maistro (University of Padua, Italy), Toine Bogers (AAU), Christina Lioma (KU), Alan Said (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

💡Young Data Science Talents at Digital Tech Summit Mark Riis (DUT) in cooperation with Digital Tech Summit, DIREC, AI Pioner Centre

💡Machine Learning Operations Summer School Nicki Skafte Detlefsen (DTU) Søren Hauberg (DTU)

💡Responsible Machine Learning for Healthcare Workshop Eike Petersen (DTU), Niels van Berkel (AAU), Melanie Ganz-Benjaminsen (KU), Aasa Feragen (DTU)

5 of the grants have been awarded as large grants in our spring call – A new call for large grants will open in the Autumn 2022. And 5 grants have been awarded as small grants, which can be applied for on a continuous basis. Read more at ddsa.dk.

The DDSA is funded by generous grants from the Novo Nordisk Foundation and VILLUM FONDEN.