Aalborg Robotics Challenge Workshop

AAU INNOVATE Thomas Manns Vej 25, Aalborg, Denmark

We are excited to invite you to the 1st Aalborg Robotics Challenge (ARC) Workshop, which aims to bring together the AAU robotics community to map relevant activities and discuss new ways to promote and expand robotics within the framework of ARC. Established in February 2023, ARC is a cross-faculty robotics cluster that aims to connect […]

Summer School on Missing Data, Augmentation, and Generative Models

Missing data is a common problem in image processing and in general AI based methods. The source can be, for example, occlusions in 3D computer vision problems, poorly dyed tissue in biological applications, missing data points in long-term observations, or perhaps there is just too little annotated data for a deep-learning model to properly converge. […]

Data Science Methods for Disordered Materials

Aalborg University, Aalborg Fredrik Bajers Vej 7K, Aalborg, Denmark

Disordered materials, such as inorganic glasses, polymer glasses, cement hydrates, amorphous membrane, metal-organic framework glasses, and gels, are critical to our sustainable future. Their design has traditionally been done using the time-consuming and inefficient “trial-and-error” approach. However, new approaches relying on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and topological data analysis offer opportunities for accelerating the discovery […]

AVS | VGIS | CVG gathering: Reunion of Visionaries

Aalborg University, Aalborg Fredrik Bajers Vej 7K, Aalborg, Denmark

This summer the last cohort of VGIS students will graduate from Aalborg University, and the education is replaced by a new specialization: AI, Vision and Sound. We, at the Visual Analysis and Perception (VAP) lap at AAU, would like to commemorate this milestone by inviting current and previous AVS, VGIS, CVG students, interested in computer […]