National Data Science PhD Meetup 2.0 

Wednesday January 31st, 2024, Hotel Hesselet, Nyborg, Denmark

Welcome to the National PhD Meetup 2.0! A one-day event to strengthen the community of data scientists in Denmark. 


National Data Science PhD Meetups

In this series of events, we invite you to shape and co-create a data science PhD community to share common  challenges, create meaningful connections and foster collaboration and knowledge sharing across data science fields. The Meetup gathers up to 60 PhD students from different fields and across Denmark to form new relationships, be engaged by inspiring scientific talks and group discussions, and grow the future of the Danish data science PhD community.

National Data Science PhD Meetup 2.0

The PhD Meetups have a strong focus on building relationships, learning from peers and developing a strong network for your future career. The PhD Meetup 2.0 will also be dedicated to the topic of open science to develop a common framework that can help you navigate new trends and opportunities. 

Come and meet your fellow PhD students for a fun and inspiring day at Hotel Hesselet in Nyborg! 

Who should attend?

The PhD Meetup is for all PhD students in Denmark who identify as working with data science. Furthermore, you must be either…

  • Currently enrolled in a PhD programme
  • To be enrolled within the coming 6 months 
  • Or have graduated within the last year 

… All from a PhD programme at a Danish university.

You should join the National Data Science PhD Meetup if you want to… 

  • Join a national community for data science PhD students from all Danish universities
  • Be inspired by the broadness of the data science research being done in Denmark 
  • Learn more about how open science works in practice and the benefits it offers for your career
  • Discuss your challenges, and share your victories!  
  • Meet other PhD students through guided networking
  • Enjoy good food, a great venue, and have fun 

Moreover, the National Data Science PhD Meetup will take place the day before D3A 1.0 conference. If you are planning to attend the conference, don’t miss out on the opportunity to interact with other potential attendees before anyone else! If you can’t attend the conference, this is also a great opportunity to engage with data scientists in a smaller and cozier environment.

Schedule and registration below.

Accommodation and travel costs

Attendance to the event is free of charge.

If you are attending D3A 1.0, DDSA will cover your accommodation from January 31 to February 1, 2024.

Travel expenses to and from the venue will be at your own expense.



    Wednesday 31st, January (10 – 16)

    Registration opens at 10 am

    Welcome by Sofie Castella, DDSA Managing Director 

    Keynote by Kirstie Whitaker, Program Director for Tools, Practices and Systems, The Alan Turing Institute


    Open Science in Action

      • Melanie Ganz, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen and Rigshospitalet
      • Jennifer Bartell, Project Coordinator/Data Scientist, Center for Health Data Science, University of Copenhagen
      • More speakers to be announced soon!

    Data Science Unconference (more information below)

    16:00 Thank you for today!

    Optional post-event activities

    18:00 Dinner & hygge

    Unconference – a participant driven session where you choose what to discuss!

    The last session of the PhD meetup will resemble an “unconference” format. An unconference is a participant-driven meeting, where the agenda is created by the attendees and anyone who wants to initiate a discussion on a topic can do so.

    The unconference will provide an opportunity to delve deeper into specific data science topics that are of interest to participants. We hope the unconference format serves as a hub for scientific discussion, exploration and informal exchange of ideas among peers.

    This is a great opportunity to share and expand your knowledge and engage in discussion on data science topics of your interest.

    How does it work? The process:

    Ideation & submission of ideas: You influence the topics!

    The participants will generate the topics for discussion. During the registration, you will be able to submit a topic of interest. You will also be able to choose whether you want to be a presenter within that topic. Presenters will have some time allocated to present their own work, a challenge and/or ideas within a specific topic. Presentations can take a variety of forms, e.g. short pitch, short presentation, poster presentation, raise points of discussion, etc.

    Program for the Unconference session

    The submitted topics will be gathered in 3-4 sessions. A few days before the event, we will share with all participants the different sessions and topics covered as part of the sessions. All sessions will take place simultaneously. Participants will be able to choose which session they want to attend based on their interests.

    About DDSA

    The Danish Data Science Academy focuses on strengthening data science as an independent discipline and on stimulating fruitful collaborations harnessing new digital technologies to benefit society in a broad sense.

    Code of Conduct

    We are committed to make Growing Danish Data Science a safe and welcoming space for everyone. Please, take a moment to review our Code of Conduct, which outlines our expectations for participant behavior.

    Thank you

    Thank you to Novo Nordisk Foundation and Villum Foundation for making it possible.