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Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (2024)

Aalborg University Pontoppidanstraede 101 Aalborg

Organiser: Associate Professor Chungen Yin,   Lecturers:  Associate Professor Chungen Yin, AAU Energy,  Associate Professor Torsten Berning, AAU Energy Post-Doc Tianbao Gu, AAU Energy ECTS: 4.0 Date/Time: August 19-22, 2024 Deadline: 29 July 2024 Place: AAU Energy, Pontoppidanstraede 101, Aalborg, Denmark Format: in person Max no. of participants: 25 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has been successfully used for improved understanding, trouble shooting, innovative […]

Tools for Scientific Software Development and Data Science (2024)

Aalborg University TBA Aalborg

Welcome to Tools for Scientific Software Development and Data Science (2024) The development of eScience and Data Science across research fields means many researchers have to spend a significant amount of time at their computers. As a consequence, we need to ensure that our skill set and toolbox is up to date and that we […]

Mixed Models with Biomedical and Engineering Applications (2024)

Aalborg University TBA Aalborg

Description: Mixed models provide a flexible framework for analyzing data with multiple sources of random variation and they are indispensable in many medical, biological, and engineering applications. When treatments are tested in medical applications, the responses for individuals receiving the same treatment often vary due to unobserved genetic factors and this variation must be taken into […]

Signal and Spectral Analysis: extracting information from noisy data (2024)

Aalborg University TBA Aalborg

Description:  In many situations, a number of observations are made which contain some information about an underlying phenomenon we are interested in. Examples of this are: The diagnosis of the Parkinson’s disease from a telephone recording, The assessment of bearing wear from vibrational data, The automatic transcription of music, Order tracking analysis of rotating machines, […]

AI for the people (2024)

Aalborg University TBA Aalborg

Description: The notion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) dates back approx. 70 years as a research field and even longer if one considers fiction writers. A number of different definitions of AI has been suggested over the years, but none seem to capture what AI is. This might be due to the fact that AI is about computer algorithms that behave intelligently. And since the capabilities of computer algorithms improve […]

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in Building Ventilation

Copenhagen København, Denmark

Welcome to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in Building Ventilation Description:  The application of Computational Fluid Dynamics in building ventilation systems is crucial for creating environments that are not only energy - efficient and compliant with regulations but also prioritize occupant health, safety, and comfort. CFD provides a comprehensive understanding of airflow dynamics, enabling engineers and designers to make informed decisions that positively impact the performance […]

Bayesian Statistics, Simulation and Software (2024)

Aalborg University TBA Aalborg

Description: During the last decades, Bayesian statistics has gained enormous popularity as an elegant and powerful computational tool to perform statistical analysis in complex stochastic models as applied in engineering, science and medicine. Bayesian statistics offers an alternative approach to traditional data analysis by including prior knowledge about the model parameters in form of a prior […]

Introduction to multivariate data analysis (2024)

Aalborg University TBA Aalborg

Description: Modern laboratory equipment produces huge amounts of experimental data — spectral vectors with hundreds of wavelengths, microarrays, gene expression data, sensors, multi-channel images and many others. Even conventional measurements may end up with tens to hundreds of variables. Such data represent a wealth of potential information but usually only a part of it relates […]

Advanced Natural Language Processing for Industry: Theory and Practice (2024)

Aalborg University TBA Aalborg

Welcome to Advanced Natural Language Processing for Industry: Theory and Practice Organiser: Assistant Professor, Chen Li,  Lecturers:  Associate Professor, Dimitris Chrysostomou, Department of Materials and Production Associate Professor, Thomas Ditlev Brunø, Department of Materials and Production Associate Professor, Elizabeth Jochum,  Department of Communication and Psychology Associate Professor, Simon Bøgh, Department of Materials and Production Assistant Professor, Chen Li, Department of […]

Smart Battery II: Artificial Intelligence in Battery State Estimation (2024)

Aalborg University Pontoppidanstraede 101 room 1.015 Aalborg

Organizer: Prof. Remus Teodorescu Aalborg University and Dr. Xin Sui, Aalborg University Lecturers: Postdoc. Xin Sui, Postdoc, Aalborg University Roberta Di Fonso, Aalborg University Prof. Remus Teodorescu, Aalborg University Assoc. Prof. Changfu zou, Chalmers University of Technology ECTS: 2.0 Date/Time: 27-28 November 2024 Deadline: 06 November 2024 Place: AAU Energy, Pontoppidanstraede 101 room 1.015, Aalborg, Denmark Max no. of participants: 30 Description: Lithium-ion […]

Advanced control for building applications (2024)

Aalborg University TBA Aalborg

Welcome to Advanced control for building applications Organizer: Alireza Afshari Lecturers: Samira Rahnama, Mahmood Khatibi ECTS: 3.0 (28 hours of work load per ECTS) Time: 2-4 December 2024 Place: Aalborg University Zip code: 9220 City: Aalborg Number of seats: 20 Deadline: 11 October 2024 Description:  Topic, background and motivation for the course: Despite extensive research and successful implementation of advanced control techniques, like MPC, in other fields, […]