Young Academy Panel (YAP)

The Young Academy Panel (YAP) is appointed by the ENC March 2022, and the panel consists of 15 members who are all young scientists in the beginning of their career. YAP is responsible for providing feedback on the DDSA’s strategy and activities to the BoD, as well as input and feedback for new initiatives, events and activities to the ENC. YAP also has a line of tasks together with the secretariat such as organizing recurrent DDSA events (e.g., the annual MSc retreat and the DDSA annual conference) and developing the mentoring networks and events.

Name Organisation Position
Sebastian Weichwald (Chair) University of Copenhagen Assistant professor (tenured) at Department of Mathematical Sciences
Anastassia Vybornova IT University of Copenhagen PhD Student at Department of Computer Science
Cecilie Utke Rank Rigshospitalet/University of Copenhagen Physician and researcher
Federica Belmonte Statens Serum Institut Statistician/Data Scientist
Jens Ulrik Hansen Roskilde University Associate Professor at Department of People and Technology
Jesper Løve Hinrich Technical University of Denmark Postdoc at Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Joakim Bruslund Haurum Aalborg University/Pioneer Centre for AI Postdoc at Visual Analysis and Perception Laboratory
Jonas Friederich University of Southern Denmark PhD Student at Maersk McKinney-Moller Institute
Kenneth Borup Aarhus University PhD Student at DIGIT centre
Marianne Helenius Rigshospitalet Postdoc at the Paediatric Oncology Research Laboratory (Bonkolab)
Nicolai Blegvad Thomsen NTT DATA Business Solutions Data Scientist
Sara Mesquita Novozymes Senior Data Scientist
Tobias Frisch University of Southern Denmark Postdoc at Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Viktor Stenby Johanson Vipps MobilePay

Machine Learning Engineer