Young Academy Panel (YAP)


  • The Young Academy Panel is a panel of young scientists that provides feedback on the DDSA’s strategy and activities, and provides input for new initiatives, and events
  • Provide structured feedback to the BoD on the DDSA’s strategy and activities
  • Provide feedback and input to the ENC on DDSA activities
  • Collaborate with the secretariat to organize recurrent DDSA events (e.g. the annual MSc retreat and DDSA annual conference)
  • Act as a ‘sounding board’ for new DDSA activities
  • Act as a pool of prospective members of event organising committees
  • Collaborate with the secretariat to develop the mentoring networks and events

Composition and appointment

  • The Young Academy Panel consists of representative DDSA members at MSc, PhD, postdoc or assistant professor-level (when appointed). All members will be appointed after the launch of the DDSA.
  • Members will be appointed by the Education and Networking Committee (ENC).
  • All members will be initially appointed for a period of 1.5 years. After 1.5 years, new members will be appointed for 2 years by the ENC by a nomination process in which members can be re-elected for another term. No more than 50% of the committee can be re-appointed and members can only serve for two consecutive terms.
  • If a member resigns before the end of their term, a new member will be appointed by the ENC.
  • Members receive no remuneration, but members’ travel expenses are reimbursed.


  • The Young Academy Panel will meet once a year with the DDSA BoD
  • The Young Academy Panel will meet with the ENC at least twice a year to give feedback on activities and ideas for new activities