Open Call for PhD Scholarships


Terms and practicalities


The DDSA Scholarship Grant

The DDSA PhD grant is a fixed amount of DKK 1.800.000 (+ 5% administrative costs), expected to cover three years of salary, tuition fee, external stay as well as relevant travel – and operational costs.

If the total cost of the PhD project should exceed the fixed amount granted, the enrolling university is expected to cover such additional expenses. It will however, be possible to apply for additional DDSA funding for parental leave and travel fellowships 

If the applicant receives another grant covering the same project as described in your application to the DDSA, the DDSA reserves the right to withdraw your PhD scholarship grant.  

PhD Programme

The PhD project must be completed in accordance with: 

Enrolment and Employment

A PhD study in Denmark is by default full time with enrolment in a PhD School at a Danish university.

Employment is for three years and will be either in this university or in another research institution/private company where the PhD project is to be carried out. 

Please note that the specific requirements for enrolment may vary from one university/PhD School and to another.  

PhD students will receive a monthly salary during the employment period for which they are enrolled in the PhD Programme. Terms of employment and salary are according to the agreement between the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations and the Ministry of Finance.

Enrolment must be within six months after receiving the grant notification letter. If this is not achieved, the grant will be retracted. 

Further inquiries about enrolment, employment and residence permit must be directed towards the enrolling university and the place of employment.