Daniel Hain

Position: Associate Professor, AAU
Categories: Business and Management, Social Science
Location: Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, and vicinity (1000-2999)


As professor at the Aalborg University Business School, I lead the Data Science research at the AI:Growth lab, an am the Programme Co-Director of the M.Sc. program in Business Data Science. My research is dedicated to the development and application of data-driven methods to map and forecast technological change in order to understand its causes and consequences for economies and societies. I am actively engaged in initiatives to educate (social science) students & researchers, professionals, and policymakers in understanding, evaluating, and applying modern Data Science and Artificial Intelligence methods for data-driven decision making. My team also develops enterprise and policy software solutions for decision-centric STI intelligence and technology mapping.


I am looking forward to sharing my experience in data science and machine learning, technology analysis, and broadly computational social science in a less formal context than traditional PhD supervision. I am happy for the opportunity to guide and support aspiring social data scientist, and helping them navigate not the dynamic technology landscape, but also potential career paths, research and professional develppmenty.

Skills, expertise, and interests

  • data science
  • data analytics
  • data visualisation
  • data mining
  • big data
  • time series analysis
  • text analysis
  • statistical and data modelling
  • machine learning
  • deep learning
  • natural language processing (NLP)
  • causality and explainability
  • computational science
  • complex systems and chaos
  • statistics and mathematics
  • network science
  • social (data) science
  • PhD advice

Programming languages and software

  • Python
  • R
  • SQL