Education and Networking Committee

Would you like to engage in supporting and developing data science events and courses in Denmark? Does it appeal to you to collaborate with and be inspired by a diverse group of committed data science researchers and professionals working in the broad field of data science, spanning private and public sectors as well as universities? If so, consider nominating for the DDSA Education and Networking Committee! 

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What is the DDSA Education and Networking Committee? 

The DDSA Education and Networking Committee (ENC) consists of 12 members representing a diversity of expertise and experiences in research and application across universities as well as the public and private sectors. 

ENC evaluates and prioritises applications for DDSA’s Large Course and Event Grants. The committee also monitors and develops DDSA’s event and course grant programmes and provides strategic input to the DDSA Board of Directors and the DDSA Secretariat on the need for new DDSA-driven activities. ENC members are also engaged in developing these new activities together with the Secretariat, e.g. taking part in setting up the scientific programme of our annual conference. 

In addition, the Education and Networking Committee appoints the DDSA Young Academy Panel, the DDSA Cross Academy Collaboration Committee, and members of the Scientific Programme Committee for our annual conference. 

What can You Expect as an ENC member? 

The DDSA Education and Networking Committee meets 3-5 times a year, two of the meetings typically in person and the rest virtually. We strive to take the transport time of members from all parts of Denmark into account when placing physical meetings. Further there are ad hoc planning meetings for the individual activities. 

DDSA will reimburse transport costs for your attendance in committee meetings. 

A committee member can still apply for DDSA grants. ENC works in accordance with DDSA Conflicts of Interest.

As a committee member you will be invited into a great network of like-minded peers within Danish data science. You are also invited to DDSA’s annual conferences and other major events free of charge. 

The appointment period is from August 2024 until December 2026.

Who can be Nominated for ENC?

We welcome nominations 

    • where the nominee has data science as a central component of their current position 
    • from all sectors, including universities, private, and public sector 
    • where the nominee is employed in Denmark 

Up to 50 pct. of the current ENC members can be re-appointed. 

The Chair of the DDSA Education and Networking Committee will be appointed by the DDSA Board of Directors and participates in most Board-meetings as a non-voting member.

How Do I Nominate?

If you meet the above criteria, we warmly welcome you to submit your nomination, including a CV and a brief motivation. You may also attach one ‘letter of support’, but this is not a requirement. 

We welcome nominations to more than one of our governing bodies if you meet the criteria for each of them, however, you can only be appointed to one.


Evaluation Criteria

In the assessment and nomination of new members, Danish Data Science Academy emphasizes:  

    • the nominee’s ability to contribute to ENC’s responsibilities. Therefore, motivation and relevant experience within data science is essential 
    • diversity with respect to e.g. data science field, specialization, regional representation, sector, seniority, and gender 


If you have questions, do not miss out on our ‘Join DDSA – virtual Q&A’ where members from our current governing bodies and Managing Director Sofie Castella will provide a general intro to Danish Data Science Academy and answer any questions you may have!

Join DDSA – virtual Q&A
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You are also always welcome to contact us at secretariat@ddsa.dk

The Nomination Process

April 1 2024

Deadline for nominations

June 2024

Announcement of the new DDSA Education and Networking Committee appointed by the DDSA Board of Directors 

August 2024

The new DDSA Education and Networking Committee enters into force, and runs until December 2026