Fellowship Evaluation COMMITTE

Do you want to share your experience and expertise to identify the next generation of excellent data science talents? Do you have data science as a core element of your research, and do you have supervisor experience? Then nominate for the Fellowship Evaluation Committee at Danish Data Science Academy! By joining the Committee, you will work with highly experienced experts across data science research disciplines to select the top candidates for fellowships. Your contribution will actively impact the mission of Danish Data Science Academy to grow a world-class data science research and education ecosystem in Denmark! 

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What is the DDSA Fellowship Evaluation Committee? 

The Fellowship Evaluation Committee (FEC) evaluates and nominates candidates for the DDSA PhD and Postdoc Fellowships. Danish Data Science Academy funds visionary and creative-thinking early career data science researchers who work to generate new knowledge and extend the application of data science across scientific domains. The Committee evaluates both methodological and applied data science applications aligning with the DDSA research scope. FEC also provides feedback and input on the evaluation process to the DDSA Board of Directors. 

FEC is comprised of a national chair, 5 national members and 6 international members ensuring that the diverse areas and sub-disciplines of data science are adequately represented. National members are defined as being employed in Denmark. The international members also serve to mitigate any local biases in the assessment of the applications. 

Professor Kåre Lehmann Nielsen chairs FEC until the end of 2026.

What can You Expect as a FEC member? 

Applications for the DDSA PhD and Postdoc Fellowships are invited on a yearly basis via open competition calls. The main evaluation activities for FEC take place from March to June. Some of the main activities for FEC members are:

Individual activities:  

    • Screening PhD and Postdoc applications to express interest to review or declare conflict of interest  
    • Individual review of applications (each application is scored by up to four committee members) over a period of approx. 3 weeks


    • Virtual kick-off meeting  
    • Physical meeting in Denmark spanning 2-3 days, selecting 20 PhD candidates and 12 Postdoc candidates for interviews  
    • International members only: Virtual meetings spanning 2-3 days interviewing candidates and nominating the final 10 PhD and 6 Postdoc candidates for Fellowship awarding  
    • Virtual meeting: FEC evaluation meeting  

DDSA will reimburse transport costs for your attendance in committee meetings. 

 A committee member can still apply for DDSA grants. FEC works in accordance with DDSA Conflicts of Interest. 

As a committee member you will be invited into a great network of like-minded peers within Danish data science. You are also invited to DDSA’s annual conferences and other major events free of charge.

The appointment period is from August 2024 until December 2026.


FEC members will receive a fixed yearly honorarium for their commitment to the fellowship evaluation process according to the table below: 


FEC Honorarium (DKK)  2025  2026 
Chair  50.000    45.000  
International Member  40.000    35.000  
National Member  30.000  25.000 

There will be an open call for applications for 6 Postdoc and 10 PhD Fellowships in 2025 and an open call for applications for 10 PhD Fellowships in 2026.

Who can be Nominated for FEC?

We welcome nominations where the nominee has data science as a central component of their current position as assistant professors, associate professors, senior researchers, and professors.

 Up to 50 pct. of the current FEC members can be re-appointed. 

How do I Nominate?

If you meet the above criteria, we warmly welcome you to submit your nomination, including a CV and a brief motivation. You may also attach one ‘letter of support’, but this is not a requirement. 

We welcome nominations to more than one of our governing bodies if you meet the criteria for each of them, however, you can only be appointed to one.

Evaluation Criteria

In the assessment and nomination of new members, Danish Data Science Academy emphasizes:  

    • the nominee’s ability to contribute to FEC’s responsibilities. Therefore, relevant experience and expertise within data science is essential 
    • that the nominees have data science as a central component of their current position as assistant professors, associate professors, senior researchers, or professors 
    • diversity with respect to e.g. data science field, specialization, regional representation, and gender 


If you have questions, do not miss out on our ‘Join DDSA – virtual Q&A’ where members from our current governing bodies and Managing Director Sofie Castella will provide a general intro to Danish Data Science Academy and answer any questions you may have!

Join DDSA – virtual Q&A
March 6 @13:30 – 14:30 Join
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You are also always welcome to contact us at secretariat@ddsa.dk

The Nomination Process

April 1 2024

Deadline for nominations

June 2024 

Announcement of the new DDSA Fellowship Evaluation Committee appointed by the DDSA Board of Directors

August 2024

The new DDSA Fellowship Evaluation Committee enters into force, and runs until December 2026