Open Call for PhD Scholarships


Application content

Below you find detailed guidelines to all the documents necessary to complete your application. Please make sure to provide all the required documents according to the guidelines (including page limits). Applications failing to provide the required documentation or meeting the technical requirements will not be considered.

All material must be in English, uploaded in one PDF file, and numbered as specified below. Please observe the stated page limits (defined in A4 pages, font 12, single spacing).

          1. Abstract

Max. half a page.

Abstract in English briefly describing purpose, methods and significance of the project.


          2. Project description

Max 2 pages including figures and tables but excluding list of literature cited.

The project description should include:

  • Background and state of the art
  • Research questions and methods
  • Outcome and potential impact
  • Literature cited


          3. Motivation letter

Max one page.

The motivation letter should address the following:

  • What is your motivation for doing a PhD?
  • What is your motivation for addressing the research questions?
  • Why are you the right candidate to carry out this project?
  • How will your research and results impact science and society more broadly?


          4. Your CV (education and additional qualifications)

Max. two pages excluding documentation.

Your CV should include:

  • Your educational background
  • Additional qualifications and experiences you may have, for instance: Studies abroad, pre-graduate research, data science and programming experience, honours, experience with working in a research environment, participation in research conferences/meetings, publications etc.

A maximum of two recommendation letters can be included in this documentation.


          5. Copies of bachelor and candidate/master’s degree certificates and grades

You must have a relevant two-year master’s degree (120 ECTS points) or a similar degree with an academic level equivalent to this, in addition to a bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS points) by the time of application. 

Please provide certificates including full transcript of grades from both bachelor and candidate/master’s degree or equivalent degrees.


          6. Calculation of weighted grade average from Bachelor and Master’s degrees

Please make use of the forms for calculating weighted grade average.

You must fill in and include one form for your Bachelor degree, and one form for your Master’s degree.

Please make sure to choose the proper form for either calculating Danish grades (template formular for Danish grades) or converting and calculating international grades (template formular for International grades).


          7. CV and statement of support from principal supervisor

You must have an agreement with a principal supervisor who conducts research within the subject of your PhD project, and is employed as an Associate Professor or Professor (or equivalent) at the university where you wish to be enrolled.

Please provide:

  • A short CV of the principal supervisor (max. two pages)
  • A signed letter of support from the principal supervisor that describes why he/she supports the candidate and the project, including what prior knowledge he/she has of the candidate

Please see the detailed guidelines for principal supervisors.


If you – after reading the detailed guidelines – should have further questions, please contact the DDSA Secretariat by emailing