Do you want to provide strategic recommendations on how Danish Data Science Academy can continue to strengthen data science in Denmark? Now you have the opportunity to nominate for the DDSA Advisory Panel! By joining the Advisory Panel, you will play a part in the crucial task of securing the sustainability of the Danish Data Science community for the future!

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What is the DDSA Advisory Panel? 

The Advisory Panel (AP) is a new panel which will consist of 10 members. We are looking for 5 national and 5 international members representing a diversity of expertise and experiences in research and application of data science at universities as well as the public and private sectors. National members are defined as being employed in Denmark. The new panel members shall possess knowledge and ideas about how to grow data science in Denmark. The Advisory Panel’s responsibility is to provide recommendations to the DDSA Board of Directors.  

The Chair of the Advisory Panel will be appointed by the DDSA Board of Directors and will also have a seat as a voting member on the Board.

What can You Expect as a member of the Advisory Panel?  

The Advisory Panel’s responsibility is to provide strategic advice and recommendations for securing renewed funding for Danish Data Science Academy, as the current funding runs till end of 2026. The Advisory Panel will be advising the Board of Directors once, during 2025, in order for the Board of Directors to prepare for the re-application of funding. Hence, during the appointment period only 1-2 meetings during 2025 are expected for Advisory Panel members. 

DDSA will reimburse transport costs for your attendance in committee meetings. 

A panel member can still apply for DDSA grants. The Advisory Panel works in accordance with DDSA Conflicts of Interest

As a panel member you will be invited into a great network of like-minded peers within data science. You are also invited to DDSA’s annual conferences and other major events free of charge. 

The appointment period is from August 2024 until December 2026.

Who can be Nominated for the Advisory Panel?  

The Advisory Panel will consist of 10 members; 5 national members who must represent other sectors than academia, and 5 international members who must represent either academia, public or private sector. 

We welcome nominations where the nominee has data science as a central component of their current role or education. 

The DDSA Advisory Panel is a merger of the current DDSA National Advisory Panel (NAP) and the DDSA International Advisory Panel (IAP). 50 pct. of the seats on the new DDSA Advisory Panel can be filled with re-appointment of current NAP and IAP members.

How Do I Nominate?

If you meet the above criteria, we warmly welcome you to submit your nomination, including a CV and a brief motivation. You may also attach one ‘letter of support’, but this is not a requirement. 

We welcome nominations to more than one of our governing bodies if you meet the criteria for each of them, however, you can only be appointed to one.

Evaluation Criteria

In the assessment and nomination of new members Danish Data Science Academy emphasizes:  

    • the nominee’s ability to contribute to Board of Director’s responsibilities. Therefore, motivation, expertise, and relevant experience is essential 
    • diversity with respect to e.g., data science field, specialization, regional representation, sector, seniority, and gender


If you have questions, do not miss out on our ‘Join DDSA – virtual Q&A’ where members from our current governing bodies and Managing Director Sofie Castella will provide a general intro to Danish Data Science Academy and answer any questions you may have!

Join DDSA – virtual Q&A
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You are also always welcome to contact us at secretariat@ddsa.dk

The Nomination Process

April 1 2024

Deadline for nominations

June 2024

Announcement of the new DDSA Advisory Panel appointed by the DDSA Board of Directors

August 2024

The new DDSA Advisory Panel enters into force, and runs until December 2026